PRiMO PRODUCE is a proud member of the Queensland Sugarcane industry. Currently we grow around 130 hectares of sugar cane. We are members of CANEGROWERS, the peak body for Australian sugarcane growers representing 75-80% of Australian growers. This is a grower-owned organisation with a long successful history of supporting and promoting the sugarcane industry.

In 2016 we were awarded “Best Productivity 2015 Season – Zone 8 Atherton/Tolga – 15.01 tonnes sugar/ha” by our local branch of CANEGROWERS.

In June 2017 PRiMO PRODUCE received accreditation for the Smartcane BMP program. Smartcane BMP is a world-class best practice system for sugarcane growing in Australia. It is a proactive, continuous improvement program led by the Australian sugarcane industry. Industry researchers and sugarcane farmers put together the standards based on productivity,  profitability and sustainability. Although the program is voluntary, we took the opportunity to use the BMP platform to improve and monitor their internal systems and processes.

The industry has developed a series of seven modules covering the key aspects of sugarcane growing:

1. Soil health and plant nutrition management.Canegrowers
2. Pest, disease and weed management.
3. Drainage and Irrigation management.
4. Crop production and harvest management.
5. Natural systems management.
6. Farm business management.
7. Workplace health and safety management.

The Australian sugarcane industry is one of Australia’s largest and most vital rural industries. Sugarcane is the largest agricultural crop grown in the state of Queensland. Up to 35 million tonnes of sugarcane is grown on about 380,000 hectares annually.  This sugarcane crop can produce up to 4.5 million tonnes of raw sugar, 1 million tonnes of molasses and 10 million tonnes of bagasse annually.  Approximately 85% of the raw sugar produced in Queensland is exported, generating up to $2.0 billion in export earnings for Queensland.

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