PRiMO PRODUCE are producers of Hass and Sharwell varieties of avocados. We also have new plantings of Shepard avocados which will come into production from 2018 and Maluma Hass from 2019.

We have our own on-site grading and packaging facilities to ensure the standard of every avocado tray that leaves the farm. This enables us to have full control over every part of the process: growing, harvesting, packaging, storage and dispatching of orders to our customers in a timely and efficient manner.

PRiMO PRODUCE are proud to be members of Avocados Australia Limited (AAL) which is the representative industry body for the Australian avocado industry. They provide a range of services to both members and the broader industry to foster growth and development of the avocado industry. Membership includes avocado growers, associated businesses and industry people.

Avocados Australia works with all parts of the supply chain, from production through to the consumer. They work proactively with growers to continually improve growers’ ability to provide a healthy, profitable and safe product for all consumers. As part of this continual improvement, AAL works with Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) to ensure the industry levy funded Research and Development and Marketing programs for the Australian avocado industry are well directed and responsive to industry needs.

For more information about AAL please visit the Avocados Australia website.

We are certified producers of avocados under the Freshcare quality assurance program and have held Freshcare certification since 2002.

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