Seed harvesting

Here we are... hard at it again... this time heading seed and cutting hay! Matt's driving the combine harvester & Ricardo mower conditioning hay. [gallery columns="4" ids="645,657,658,656,649,654,655,650,669,664,662,663"]
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2017 Potato planting begins

Winter is know nothing, John Snow..... winter is here!! And so are the new plantings of 2017 season potatoes. Here are a few shots of planting potatoes. In about 20 weeks these little babies will be ready to harvest. Yum!! [gallery columns="4" ids="585,566,584,574,569,577,560,568"]
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2017 Avo Harvest

We are well & truly into the 2017 harvest. The crop looks fabulous! Couldn't ask for a better start to our first season. [gallery ids="289,307,301,345,305,275"]
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