Large Square Bales Hay

Primo Produce specialises in producing Finecut Rhodes hay in large square bales – an economical size for storage and handling. Well made Finecut Rhodes hay is a quality fodder for horses, cattle, weaners, dairy cows, race horses and stud animals.

Hay is produced year round and shed stored to maintain quality and freshness. A loading service is available by appointment and delivery can be arranged to anywhere in Australia.

We are certified producers of fodder crops under the Freshcare quality assurance program and have held certification since 2002.



Large square bales are the most economical fodder we produce. They store well and are very cost effective and convenient for transport. These bales are approximately 4' x 8' and weigh 500kg.

Discounts are available for bulk orders. Quality Assurance - Freshcare Certificate is available on request.